Unstoppable Hope

What is hope? Hope is to trust in, wait for, look for, or desire something or someone; or to expect something beneficial in the future. It also means to be patient, to endure.

We have this hope that’s like an anchor within us.

In the midst of turbulence, hope is steady, strong and steadfast. When the waves come crashing against you, HOPE keeps you secured.

Hope is essential and fundamental to life. It is at the core of who you are.

Hope is living and full of life within you!

HOPE is learning to TRUST like you’ve never trusted before no matter what it looks like around you right now!!

Hope is directing you towards your future. Hope doesn’t let you quit. Hope prepares you for what is to come. It keeps nudging you forward. It will not let you stay where you are at. Hope will propel you when you feel like giving up.

Hope is developing an unwavering trust in you. It is teaching you to hold onto to the anchor within you and to remain calm during the storms of life and not be moved.


You might’ve lost everything…..your house and everything within it. You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

You might’ve lost your car…. You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

You might be asking…when are my long awaited dreams ever going to manifest and come into fruition….You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

Your marriage might be dead, in shambles and on the brink of divorce…You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.


Maybe you know it’s time to move some toxic relationships in your life….You’ve gotta tell yourself…I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

Your kids might be giving you hell right now…..You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

You might be miserable in your job and looking for a way out….You’ve gotta tell yourself…..I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

Maybe you’ve felt like everything is unraveling in your life…You’ve gotta tell yourself, I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

You might be asking yourself, when is this business of mine ever going to become profitable…..You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

You might  be saying to yourself, I don’t know if I’m coming or going and I haven’t a clue what direction I’m heading…You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

Maybe you lost your sense of purpose in life and your passion is gone…You’ve gotta tell yourself….I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

I’m here to tell you tonight….HOPE IS UNSTOPPABLE. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE! Get ready for your anchor to lift because your ship is coming in!

Think about it…a cargo ship is large and can carry a lot of freight. It has lots of goods to unload. What do you see in that freight? Whatever you can imagine, it is yours. You see, because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Even if you can’t see it quite yet, you can imagine it. If you can “see” the invisible, you can have the visible .

Let HOPE awaken in you!

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