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Thank you so very much, Valarie for the awesome coaching session! You have given me several new things to think about and do differently to lead me to the success I know God intends for me in the new business He has brought into my life! I'm so excited about the very real possibilities of actually realizing my unspoken dream of financial independence!

Debbie Walden
Debbie Walden

I had a 1 hour consultation with Valarie to get some insight on a business program I was rolling out. I was very confused on how to tie up some loose ends and what to charge my clients. Speaking with her truly helped eliminate my second guessing and she gave me some great tips. She also helped me realize some of my business goals and the direction that I wanted to go in. Highly recommend her services!

Melissa Weinberg
Melissa Weinberg Perfect Glow Sunless

Business is good, but recently, I was becoming good friends with my clients.  I started to “feel bad” for charging full price for my work -- in turn it was causing me to lose money and get a little burned out on my talents. Then Valarie said something to me that made a spark go off, "I needed to charge what I was worth, I wasn’t charging enough.”Not charging enough!? I thought yes, I do!” But I knew I wasn’t. I have always known to charge my worth, but when Valarie said it, it caused my understanding to come in line. It made me feel okay about charging my worth and get rid of the guilt and fear Valarie told me was attached to my pricing.  I am so excited, I know this is the turn around that my business has needed. When you are charging what you’re worth, you will in turn value your business more. This will naturally create high standards of excellence and you will begin to follow that lead. Thank you Valarie, your words came just at the right time!

Jill McAmis
Jill McAmis 311 Graphics

Thank you Valarie for coming to my rescue! I was amazed at how you were able to bring clarity to my thoughts while I was in the process of developing an Esthetic room rental and venturing into a place of expansion without an image of a finished product. You were able to bring me a larger vision and help orchestrate my ideas and goals when I felt lost in direction. I was asked some pretty tough self searching questions and had to evaluate things that needed priority and I could not have moved forward without your wisdom and advice. You stood by me in every move and I appreciate all your energy spent and the professionalism and grace you carry. You are a blessing to me and I’m sure I will refer you to anyone in need of a resourceful and talented life coach!

Mary Monroe Toukan
Mary Monroe Toukan Massage Envy

Valarie is a woman of influence, an atmosphere changer! Her gentleness makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. She is also a woman of study and expertise. Never pushy, always encouraging people to stand strong and rise to their true identity.

Nicole Cockburn
Nicole Cockburn Director, Young Living Essential Oils

"Valarie is a passionate woman, creative, talented and has a huge heart for others. I was blessed to work with Valarie on a fundraiser event for an amazing women’s shelter and I really saw her compassion and drive. She is the best, and I have a great deal of respect for her. I highly recommend Valarie and the work she does to help others."

Wimberly Cochran
Wimberly Cochran Medical Esthetician


Beauty Marketing Business Bliss was exactly what I needed. It gave me a better understanding of what steps are needed to make my business successful. Valarie provided clear step by step instructions as she guides you through each level. She was easily accessible for help or questions. Her coaching is also a plus. Step by step instructions are big for me as well as that guidance. The program is of value. I now have a much more focused plan for my beauty business.

Lenora Byrd
Lenora Byrd Oh How Beautiful



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