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Attn: Women Leaders, Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Consultants...

Get Clear On Who You Are, Who Your Ideal Client Is & Create a Brand That Gives You The Credibility & Visibility Needed, So You Can Bring True Transformation & Healing With Your Gift.


Your core message is vital and needed. Let's increase your exposure in the marketplace so you become the woman that is celebrated, loved and trusted while making an impact in the world. I’ll show you how.


Welcome Queen,

It was a blissful fall morning in 2012 when I launched my lifestyle business.  I was sitting in the quarters of my office sipping my hot tea when I clicked the “go live” button on my website. I thought I was prepared, but I had no idea the journey I was about to embark upon. I found myself sifting through a plethora of marketing materials online with a million different ways to  market yourself in an effort to build credibility and visibility and create a desirous lifestyle while doing it...the only problem was, none of it felt authentic to me.

Much of what I found was narcissistic in nature and it was a huge deterrent. From learning why you need an opt-in, to the importance of content creation, web copy for your sales pages, landing pages,  email sequence, closing with a call to action, had become exhausting.

Honestly, there were many days I wanted to give up because I was frustrated to tears trying to figure out what actually works. I would try to explain what I was going through to my husband, and although supportive and loving, he just didn’t “get me.” I could see through the blank stares when trying to listen to me. God love him.

Also, as soon as one "marketing guru" would tell me their product was the key to making money online, the next one would come in with a similar story. I thought to myself…

How can I get passed all of the salesy and gimmicky materials without all of the hype?

How can I find something that has value, helps me create a brand around my message and be authentic while standing out among the online noise?

I desired to create a lifestyle business around my core values…grace, family, love, royalty, character, integrity and a spirit of excellence….nothing was resonating with me online.

I eventually tossed all of the information I downloaded from online marketers ...and you know what? It felt REALLY good!

Deep down I knew I had something to share with the world, but trying to convey what I envisioned about my brand and connect with my audience...well, that was a different story and it only added to my frustration.

I recall the day I was sitting at my desk pondering why I even started my business. Suddenly, these words came to me clear as day, The Rebekah Project. I wrote the words down in my journal and instinctively knew to read the story about Rebekah at the well. I had never read it before…just heard bits and pieces. When I got to the paragraph where Rebekah’s mother sent her off with the servant and she blessed her to be a mother to many thousands of children, I hit the floor on my knees weeping. It had such a profound impact on me.

You see, I always wanted to have a little girl that I could raise up to be a princess and teach her the ways of royalty. However, 15 years ago after the birth of my youngest son, my husband and I just were not in a place financially to have another child. My heart was broken over it for a long time. So, I felt this was God’s way of saying I am going to give you more spiritual daughters than you thought possible. It certainly closed that little void in my heart. (more on that later)

I still had another hurdle to overcome....ME. I was struggling with my identity.....I had fallen into the comparison trap.

But, this went much deeper than I realized……

I was finding myself struggling again inwardly with who I was. It was time to peel back another layer and uncover what was really holding me back.

I spent a greater part of my life living in shame. I grew up in a broken home where verbal abuse had become my norm. My voice was repeatedly silenced. Fear and intimidation were my biggest hurdles. Not only that, but I grew up in a era where children are to be seen and not heard.

I felt as though I had lost myself and my voice for a long time.

When I would find myself in these places, I was secretly envious of other women influencers about devaluing MYSELF! I remember one morning scrolling through social media and I noticed a post from a coach who effortlessly just made $10K online by naturally being who she is and doing what she loves. I was excited for her, but at the same time it set something off in me. I got angry at myself.

I cried out to God: “I’ve been diligent and a good steward with what you have given me. Why can’t I do this?! Is there something I’m not getting? What is it that I’m missing? God, I just want to start enjoying my life with my husband, family and transform women's lives. We’ve lived a simple life. If money is just a tool, why can’t I get it to work for me?” I had so much pinned up in me and I was at the end of my rope.

I desired this luxurious lifestyle these women were living. They were confident and exuded such beauty, grace and elegance. I watched them travel the world and live like a queen while sharing their message and empowering other women.

I knew all of this was meant for me too! I believe every woman deserves to be treated like a queen and live like royalty….it’s our divine inheritance.

I wanted to support myself and my family AND I wanted to make an impact on the world with my brand. So, I was determined to polish things up and turn things around.  I realized if I was going to work with glamorous and high-end clients, I needed to represent my brand better.


Where do I begin, I thought?

It still felt like something was missing....

I could not get any further trying to piece my business together and knew I needed to do something quickly. I retracted and took about a week to replenish and reflect on what was missing. I've learned, the best way to find the answer is to stop comparing yourself with others and "tune in" and listen. This is when you find your clearest answers...and crystal clear it was!

The missing key to my true success was investing with a business coach. As much as I tried to do everything on my own, it just wasn't working anymore and I was wearing myself out fast! I thought by simply putting my website up and social media pages it was going to catapult me to instant stardom...girl, was I wrong!

I started working with two high-level coaches...

My first coach taught me how to lay a solid foundation with online marketing. Later, I took several classes with a top social media influencer recognized by Forbe's Magazine and quickly applied what I was learning. I finally felt relieved to work with a coach that had similar values. We both believed in integrity, a spirit of excellence AND we both had similar philanthropic causes we were supporting with helping victims of human sex trafficking.

But, I didn’t have my true breakthrough until one of my coaches helped me to tap into my authentic voice through the power of my own personal story. It had been in me all along, I just needed help getting it out and constructing it in a way that connected and resonated with my audience.

It has been a pleasure and honor working with such amazing and powerful women. Women who have received notoriety from Forbes Magazine, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Mashable, USA Today...and more!

Next, I started learning about blogging and why content is important for your brand, how to appropriately use social media to start getting noticed and what exactly to post and when. I learned how to get clear about what I was offering so I could best serve my ideal clients. I want to feel good about what I was creating and offer something that was going to be of value to women so I could stand back and smile at the impact it had on their lives and the lives of those they touched.

After consistently applying what I was being taught, I was no longer drowning in all of the online noise. My credibility soon started to open doors for media opportunities with top trade magazines in the beauty industry. I also caught the attention of a journalist with ABC 13 news and they featured one of my coaching programs on their website.

Most recently, a TV Director reached out to me through LinkedIn and we worked on several episodes for my new TV show, with one of them being aired on KVQT in Houston. Now, I'm working towards taking my show to media platforms such as Apple TV, Roku and others. The future of livestream TV is VERY exciting!

I also began to receive request from joint venture partners, which is a huge plus when trying to establish your brand. And most recently I was asked to be in a coffee table book among other spiritual leaders. Together we believe in speaking to the heart of an individual's true identity so they can rise to their true calling. It's such an honor and has been very humbling.

But, the best part of all came when my internal struggle ended and my husband began to fully support me with my freedom based lifestyle business, coaching women entrepreneurs. Thus, our marriage began to thrive, my business began to grow and I now had clarity on the cause behind my business; it was to help young girls who have been victims of human sex trafficking....these are my daughters I was telling you about earlier.

It's deeply satisfying living a freedom lifestyle that is in alignment with my core values.

Now, my husband sees how living out my purpose has brought fulfillment not just in my life, but our marriage and family as well. Today, we have meaningful conversations, we are deeply connected, our family has healed and he understands my role as a feminine leader.

It’s time to awaken the queen within you and get clear about who YOU are, and what you bring to the world. Together, we are going to get laser-focused about your true identity, get passed money mindsets and discover why you’re here and who you are here to serve.

We are going to couple that with your branding to get you the visibility and credibility you not only deserve, but are more than worthy of.

Perhaps you lay awake at night like I did with these same thoughts and feelings….

  • You feel alone and as though nobody understands you and what you’re going through as a visionary woman entrepreneur.
  • You’ve spent time in preparation the last few years building your business and you know deep within you, this transition is calling you to step into your greatness and make your mark on this world for a higher purpose.
  • You’ve struggled with “unpacking” your ideas and putting them into action because like most visionaries…you see so far ahead of times that it’s difficult to reel it all in. I get you love.
  • Your driving desire is to make an impact and you recognize money is a tool to not only be successful, but to transform the lives of others as well.
  • You’ve been reluctant to accepting your role as woman leader and you know it’s time to stop hiding in the shadows.
  • You prefer leading by example with a gentle and quiet spirit and you recognize the importance of outsourcing so you can focus on what you’re truly called to do.
  • You’re finally ready to break through the fear and self-doubt so you can get laser-focused and receive the visibility and credibility you know you deserve with your brand in a way that is authentic to YOU.
  • You desire to be successful and recognize money is required for that to happen, but money is not what drives you...IMPACT is.


I'll show you the exact tools you need so you can gain notoriety to attract your ideal clients.

I invite you to read the details below.....


Empowered, Equipped & More Visibility...Angela Agrees.


If one could devise a formulaic expression to build and generate wealth, I believe that this would be at the heart of it. Valarie Hurst has a wealth of knowledge and business savvy acumen to share with her clientele.

I am fortunate to be on the receiving end of such great leadership. As a leader leading leaders, I understand the importance of self-actualization and self worth generating self propulsion. But no one absolutely no one can sustain a thriving life or business with this expression in mind.

Valarie has been my champion. My ace. Confidant and motivator. In the places I fall lack, she provides insight and clarity. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Valarie as we navigate the terrain of business life together.

From the photo shoot to our weekly exchanges via phone and email, I have been empowered. Empowerment = Leaders Leading Leaders. Valarie, thank you for guiding me in accumulating wealth and generating a business model to sustain it. I have learned a great deal about myself on this journey.

Angela Benson Williams
Angela Benson Williams CEO, Inner Reflection Global

Module 1

Luxury Meets Legend: Getting to the Heart of Your Brand with Your Story

  • Discover the "Why" Behind Your Brand as an Essential First Step in Business Success.
  • Why Your Personal Story Matters and the Impact You Can Have Telling It.
  • How to Get Clear on Who You Are, What You Do, and For Whom.
  • Why Your Unique Offer is What Sets You Apart.
  • How to Clearly Define Your Ideal Client Who Will Love Working With You.
  • Why Being Bold and Telling Your Truth is Important in Telling Your Story

Module 2

Bespoke Branding: Pretty, Polished and Fit for Royalty

  • Why You Must Focus on Your Ideal Customers and Communicate The Reason They Need You.
  • How to Spark Certain Associations in the Mind with Your Brand So Customers Always Remember You.
  • Why Defining Your Brand Makes You Unique and Tells People Why they Should Buy From You.
  • How The Identity System For Your Brand Is The Image You're Conveying to Your Customers and What to Do If You Are Signaling the Wrong Message.
  • 50 Simple Website Modifications You Need to Attract Your Ideal Client.
  • How To Revamp Your About Page for Increased Credibility and Promotion

Module 3

Luxury Product: Creating Your Signature Masterpiece

  • How to Create a Strong Message that Speaks to the Direct Needs of Your Ideal Client and Cuts Through the Online Noise.
  • How to Establish Your Personal Brand in the Minds of Your Clients that Creates a Connection They Can Resonate With.
  • Why Paying Attention to Your Market Is Critical to Understanding Your Clients Needs.
  • How to Observe and Gather Data to Better Understand Your Market.
  • The Reason You Need to Study Your Market at an Individual Level Before Launching Any Product.
  • The One Key Element You Need to Know So You Can Offer Something Nobody Else Is Offering In The Marketplace.

Module 4

The "A-List": Becoming a Woman of Influence Your Audience Will Remember, Love and Trust

  • How to Gauge and Improve the Strength Of Your Online Reputation.
  • How to Identify Influence Marketing Opportunities and Benefit From Them.
  • Why Using Simple Methods Has Been Proven to Build The Perception That You Are an Influential Specialist In Your Market.
  • How to Create Market-Appropriate Content That Shows You as an Expert In Your Field.
  • How to Locate The Areas Online Where You Need To Be To Best Grow Your Influence.
  • How to Measure and Monitor Your Online Influence In Your Target Market.
  • Why Increasing Your Customer Base and Loyalty By Reinforcing the Idea That You Are Influential In Your Field.

You Will Also Receive One Of The Following Bonuses

BONUS 1: Branding Photoshoot

Valarie will go over with you exactly what you need to prepare for a successful branding photoshoot. She works closely with the photographer to make sure your message is conveyed through your brand. Valarie's partnership with the photographer spans 10+ years and her own experience working as a freelance Makeup Artist and creative director.

BONUS 2: Media Exposure

You will be invited as a guest on Valarie's weekly live streaming tv show. Digital television is increasing while traditional television is decreasing. Valarie's show will be streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku giving you exposure  to hundreds of people.

Highly Recommended Is My Normal.
Just ask Melissa...

I had an hour consultation with Valarie to get some insight on a business program I was rolling out. I was very confused on how to tie up some loose ends and what to charge my clients. Speaking with her truly helped eliminate my second guessing and she gave me some great tips. She also helped me realize some of my business goals and the direction that I wanted to go in. Highly recommend her services!

Melissa Weinberg
Melissa Weinberg Perfect Glow Sunless

You've Waited Long Enough

I'm going to teach you how to create a luxurious brand around your core message so you can start getting the exposure you need and attract your ideal clients who will happily pay for your products or services.

Love & Abundance,

Valarie Hurst

P.S. I should also mention that I will only be taking 10 high-achieving clients and once full, Step Into Your Greatness enrollment will close. 

The Agenda...

  • 9:45-10:00: Welcome and Coffee
  • 10:00-11:30: 90 Minute Coaching
  • 11:30-12:30: Lunch
  • 12:30-2:00: 90 Minute Coaching
  • 2:00-2:15: Break
  • 2:30-4:00: 90 Minute Coaching
  • 4:00-4:30: Wrap up, question and strategy plan

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Invest With a Cause

When you invest with any Valarie Hurst product, 10% of your investment goes towards an approved 501 c 3 non-profit building project to help rescue victims of Human Sex Trafficking. You can learn more about this exciting project here.