Calling All Queens...

Manifest Your POWER to Get Wealth and Reign As Queen of Your Financial Domain Once and For All.

Owning your queendom takes transforming your limiting beliefs about money so you can truly live the abundant life you are worthy of living. This is YOUR royal invitation.

School of Royalty Overview

Welcome Queen!

I can remember the days very clearly like it was yesterday... running to my grandmothers back bedroom to sit at her 1940’s make-up vanity and rummaging through all of her cosmetics and perfumes.

I can almost smell the vintage furniture and hear the sounds of laughter coming from the kitchen today. There was a particular pink lipstick that provided just the right amount of color… a glossy lip tint in silver metallic packaging.

It was my favorite and the one I put on every time I visited her. Her luxurious fur coats and jewelry were an added bonus to playing dress up.

What is it about playing in our mothers or grandmothers make up and clothes as little girls? We begin to dream at such a young age and visualize how our lives as a grown woman will one day be.

And that one day later in life during my early 20’s, did not start out like I imagined as a little girl. I call it my humble beginnings.

I was a single mother on welfare, living paycheck to paycheck. I was working for an insurance company at the time and took on a second job at a fragrance and beauty counter to help make ends meet.

The hardest part was sacrificing time with my son. It broke my heart to come home late at night to see him long enough to hold him a minute before going to sleep…and sometimes when already asleep, all I could do was watch him sleeping peacefully in his crib while I stood there wondering how can I make our life better.

The inward struggle gripped at my heart daily and I knew I needed to make some serious changes quickly. So, in 1995 I packed up our bags and moved from Florida, back to my hometown in Texas for a new lease on life.

Before leaving, I had one request for God…would you send me a man that would love me and my son and treat me like the lady I knew I deserved to be treated like?

Months later after arriving and settling in, my knight in shining armor arrived. Then, five years thereafter we were married. You’ve heard those stories about your world spinning when you kiss someone? Yes, that happened to me with my husband. My world literally spun around on our first kiss.

But, a few years into the marriage I soon started to realize we had a lot of healing to overcome or we were heading for divorce, and that was not an option for me. I’ve heard it so many times….money was the number one cause for divorce and I was beginning to see that as a reality in my marriage.

Neither of us were frivolous spenders. Our living expenses simply outweighed our income…and we were not living large. I wanted to help somehow. So, after the birth of my second son 15 years ago, I decided to start an online cosmetic business so I could be home for my child and help contribute financially to our family.

As much as I put my heart and soul into my business (mind you, we didn’t have all of the technology 15 years ago like we do today), it failed miserably. I had taken out a $10,000.00 loan for my business and we put our truck down as a lien.


When we could no longer pay the loan, one day a man comes knocking on my door to serve me papers. He arrived to confiscate our truck. Here I was with my baby sitting on the stairs of my porch, hopeless and in tears watching our vehicle be towed away. I felt like a huge failure to myself and my family. Thank goodness my husband had a company truck at the time.

The next several years were tough. There was a lot of unforgiveness and resentment in our marriage. It was either I go back to work or we get a divorce. I knew in my heart of hearts I was to be home for my children, but I pursued a job anyways to keep my marriage together.

I was an Esthetician at the time, so I ventured into the spa industry. My first application led to an interview and I was hired on the spot! My husband was relieved, but I was miserable and unfulfilled inside.

I was trying to keep it all together…. working, being a mom, a wife, taking care of my home, running errands, doctor and dentist appointments for all of us….the list goes on. Everything seemed out of balance in my life and I hit a breaking point.

I was at the end of my rope. Everything was falling apart around me quickly. I cried out to God for help. I decided I couldn’t do ANY of this anymore in my self-righteous efforts.

It was at that time in my life I made a decision to start putting God first in all that I do. When I made that change in my heart, in an instant my world was turned around for the better. It was a radical encounter I will never forget….one of overwhelming love. It was all uphill from that point on. I began to witness miracle after miracle in my marriage, family and finances.

But, before I begin to tell you of all the miracles, let me share this epiphany moment…

One day in 2012, I suddenly realized all of the places I had ever worked in my life were simply a training ground that brought me to where I am today as a Wealth Empowerment Coach.

As I stopped and thought about that and began connecting the dots, I began to see why I was at each job and how I took those skills and applied it to what I’m doing today. It was suddenly crystal clear I had been building my dream from the onset! Life is certainly a beautiful dance and has a way of continuously evolving.

As all of these memories flooded my mind like a fine fragrance wafting through the air, I remember going back as far as my elementary years and recalling a particular day when I skipped school when I was just 10 years old! I can't believe the tenacity I had at such a young age! I had a deep yearning to stay home and play office one day.


The fire burning within me at the time left quite an imprint on my life. I was so passionate about what I was doing that I pretended I was CEO of my own company. I even took my mobile office with me (which I believe included a notepad, pen, calculator and a vintage desktop phone) to school the next day and continued playing in between school assignments.


Who would have known in the late 70's, having a mobile business allowing you the freedom to work from anywhere would be available today?! I call that divine guidance! I look back on that now and smile…it's a reminder for me to never stop learning, keep dreaming bigger, continuously evolve and not give up. It was obvious later in life why I was so driven as a young girl…it was my divine calling.


As I contemplated my years working in the corporate world, I began to see a pattern over the last two seemed every job I had, customers would ask for my supervisor on the spot that quickly led to job promotions and raises, sales quotas were consistently being met, products were flying off my shelves, my appointment books were being filled and still I was awestruck at what was happening.

The only problem was, I struggled inwardly with money. I grew up being taught to have just enough to pay your bills, work until retirement age, have just enough "cushion money" in savings and live a mediocre life.

Money was viewed as pretentious, arrogant and haughty. Yet, for some reason none of this ever settled in me. It never felt right to me. I knew deep down I was destined for so much more.

I wrestled with these money mindsets for years until one day when I had a radical shift about wealth that altered the course of my destiny. I had a skincare practice at the time and I remember getting ready for work one beautiful Saturday morning and everything was overwhelmingly peaceful.

I felt a very strong presence of God in my bedroom. I heard the word “berakah” very clearly and had a sense it was Hebrew. So, I immediately grabbed my Strong’s Concordance, looked it up and to my surprise it means blessing, source of blessing, prosperity and a gift.

This strong presence carried out from the moment I awoke that morning, my drive into work and throughout the day followed by a series of miraculous events that happened, changing the way I viewed everything when it came to spirituality and wealth. Needless to say, it was a very prosperous day for me.

All of the fears and money mindsets I had grown accustomed to over the years, were simply a false identity about myself to hold me back from my ultimate life purpose. I began to see I was created to be successful and live an abundant life in every way and that included money.

I had a purpose here to serve others and out of that place of serving, things just happen....the money simply follows. It is a principle and law of reciprocity that I adhere to this day. But, I had some internal work, self-discipline and mentoring from my own coach to help me rise to the call.

Today, my marriage is healed, my husband and I have meaningful conversations, money no longer dictates our marriage, we are deeply connected, our family has healed and my husband understands my role as a feminine leader.

We are all thriving spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially and I want the same for you too because I believe as a visionary woman entrepreneur, you have a work to do on a deep level that will impact and transforms lives powerfully, and it is going to require the resources to get you there.

Perhaps you have been wrestling with your identity like I did and you’re ready to put an end to those self-saboteurs such as…


·       I feel so many things from one moment to the next and embarrassed where I am personally.

·       I'm so scared and even feel ashamed….I feel as though it’s too late to create the kind of life I’ve always dreamed about.

·       I’m not in debt and feel comfortable with where I’m at in life but I still cling onto a poverty mentality.

·       I have no momentum and I feel somehow that square one is all I deserve.

·       My life is good right now and I make enough for our needs to be comfortable. Why do I deserve to make more?

·       I really feel open and healed about money but it still isn't coming to me .

·       I’m not consistent enough, what I sell is not useful enough.

·       I feel  like there will never be enough.  If I spend it, more will not come in.

·       I’ve always wanted to just be attached to my husband so I wouldn’t have to step out of my comfort zone and acknowledge my power.


It’s time to heal your money story and shine like the radiant queen that you know you are deep down.


We are going to do some deep, transformative work because unless you get this part in alignment first…the cycle starts all over again and I don’t want that for you and I know you don’t either.


Let’s finally do this so you can once and for all close that chapter of your life that has not served you to your fullest.

I invite you to read the details below.....

The Details...

Module 1

Embrace Your Inner Queen: Developing a Monarchy Mindset

  • Why It's Important For You to Adopt a Monarchy Mindset If You Are Going to Reign Over Your Business Empire.
  • How Certain Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back From Achieving Greater Success and Fulfillment.
  • How to Identify and Apply Key Ways of Thinking That Will Enable You To Do What You Really Want In Business and Personal Life.
  • Why Creating a Strategic Plan Will Cause Your Business to Expand to New Levels You Didn't Think Were Possible.

Module 2

Keeper of the Privy Purse: Unraveling the Royal Cash Flow


  • How Your Thought Life About Money Determines The Way You Live.
  • Why Money Behaviors Are Something You Need To Be Aware Of With Yourself.
  • How to Shift Your Money Mindset To a Queendom Mindset.
  • How Certain Money Management Tips Will Ascend You As Queen of Your "Diamond Jubilee Year."
  • Why Changing Your Money Mindset Can Be The Key To Your Financial Domain.

Module 3

Fashioned to Reign: Getting Honest About The Life You Want.

  • Why Your Role As "Head of State" Over Your Business and Personal Life Is The Important First Step To Success.
  • How Creating Your Luxurious Lifestyle Is Only Limited By Your Imagination.
  • Why It's Important To Make Sure Your Goals Belong To You So Your Commitment Yields Great Rewards.
  • How Writing Your Own Legacy Will Cause You To Reign As an Iconic and Celebrated Queen Now and Years To Come.
  • Why It's Important To Find Fulfillment Now Before You Become Highly Honored, Respected and Renowned For Your Success.

Module 4

The Queen of Sales: Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Your Clients

  • How You Can Change With The Ebb & Flow of Marketing That Will Leave Your Customers Celebrating You While You Wave From Your Palace Balcony With Gratitude.
  • Why Demonstrating Your Royal Expertise Is Critical In Today's Market So Your Customers See You As a Pillar of Society.
  • How to Think Like a Queen and Gain a Thorough Understanding Of Your Customers.
  • How To Tell Your “Story” So It Gives You a Platform Rather Than a Pedestal...Platforms Are For Sharing, Pedestals Are Lofty.
  • Why Repetition Is a Good Thing and How You Can Do It Gracefully & Respectfully.

Module 5

Heir To Your Throne: Identifying & Owning Your Financial Worth Now

  • Why Applying Simple Solutions For Repositioning Your Business Will Get You $10K Clients.
  • How to Find Out What Your Time Is Worth So You Can Get Paid What You Deserve.
  • Why Increasing Your Small Success Can Alter Your Internal "Deserve Level."
  • How to Re-Evaluate Your Business Plan So You Can Focus on High-Level Clients.
  • Why Establishing Your Value Through Effective Repositioning Will "Vault Your Business Up" In the Marketplace.

Plus, You'll Also Get This Invaluable Bonus...

Sacred Meditation: Your Rite of Passage

When we create a space for those sacred moments, it is there healing flows and the most powerful transformations happen. I've created a very special audio bonus for you that will mark a pivotal moment in your life....your Rite of Passage.

Yes, Valarie....I'm more than ready!


What Participant's Are Saying....

Finding ways to fill my bank account...

Teresa Ferguson, Health Coach & Functional Medicine Student

School of Royalty caused me to dig deeper and I uncovered two pivotal revelations tied to money blockages in my life. One of my discoveries presented  the question, “Who Am I?” It made me realize I’ve been unhappy because I didn’t know who I am. Secondly, as an outlet of that unhappiness, it led me to shopping and I got into debt. The shopping made me feel worthy, but I realized it was not the answer to my happiness. As a result of these shifts in my money mindsets from Valarie’s exercises, I now have a plan to be debt free AND I’m discovering more fully who I am in business and life.

Teresa Ferguson, Health Coach & Functional Medicine Student

Taking action on my ideal life...

Tiffany Marascio, VP of Sales & Marketing

Valarie’s School of Royalty exercises has been an excellent tool for me in both life and business. As a busy mom of three daughters and a business woman, it forced me to take time for myself and reflect on what success means for me personally. Through her guided visualization and meditation, it caused me to think about what my end game looks like both long-term and short-term. I now have a plan of action of what I want my ideal life to look like and working towards it.

Tiffany Marascio, VP of Sales & Marketing Planners 4 All

Higher level coaching, next level success...

Tinja Anderson Shiery, Merchandiser & Communications Expert

Going through the School of Royalty exercises caused me to have a shift in mindsets that taught me how to better coach my team. I was able to identify how to set higher expectations so they can excel and reach their next level of success, as well as myself!

Tinja Anderson Shiery, Merchandiser & Communications Expert Chloe + Isabel

"A spiritual life is synonomous with an abundant life." -Valarie Hurst

The Agenda...

  • Private Access to Your Course Training Materials Via VIP Membership Site.
  • Checklist & Action Sheets to Keep You Focused and On Task.
  • Five Downloadable Training Modules So You Can Study In an Organized Fashion.
  • Approximately 6 Hours of Recorded Audio Trainings to Go Along Side of Your Modules.
  • Private Access to Facebook Group For Support and So You Can Collaborate With Like-Minded Women.
  • Bonus: 30 Minute Meditative/Soaking Audio to Release Old Patterns and Assist Healing So You Can Begin to Manifest Abundance.




You have nothing to lose queen!


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