When it comes to being crowned a matriarch, one quality is certain---an undeniable desire to lead and be that woman others aspire to be.

The role of the modern day matriarch has changed. Typically, a matriarch is the caretaker of her family, but it takes a special woman to be a matriarch today. She has the instincts of nurturing, the aura of wisdom and knowledge and the patience to be a leader not only to her family, but to those who look up to her.

She is a virtuous woman of noble character and today's thought leader, pioneer, innovator and trailblazer forging a path for others....her tribe.

She walks in POWER.


The Matriarch Overview


  • You Feel Disenchanted with Corporate America and as Though You Receive Less Respect and Recognition for Your Work.
  • You Lack Advancement Opportunities and Maybe Experienced Outright Discrimination.


  • You Struggle with Balancing Work and Family, Therefore Desiring to Take Charge of Your Work and Have More Freedom.
  • You Want to Start Your Own Businesses in Order to Have a Stronger Impact on Society.
  • You Have Felt a Deep Sense of Change in Your Life and You're Ready to Make the Transition.
  • You Desire to Take Your Leadership Skills and Transform Women's Lives With Your Gifts & Talents.

The Matriach is Valarie's 6 month group coaching program for women who desire to lead communities and monetize your message around your expertise while creating high-end programs.

Wondering if The Matriarch is for you?