Are Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Wallet?

Do you feel called to something SO BIG that you often wonder how all of it will materialize?

I remember when I heard a whisper about five years ago when I was asking the question, when will this ever manifest?” It was a deep yearning and longing I’ve held in my heart for young women who have been victims of human sex trafficking or otherwise sexually exploited. I’ve dreamed since 2006 about one day building a beautiful facility for these girls to live in.  The response I heard next caught me by surprise. I heard, Valarie, this is much bigger than you realize,and suddenly I saw a picture of these buildings across the world for these girls. I was taken back to say the least!

I’ve often wondered how all of this is going to happen and one thing is for certain, the power of having a vision board is key to keep you moving towards your dreams and taking action.

Here are some tips to help you.

Manifesting Money with a Vision Board

Having an abundance of wealth is something that has a lot of power to do good in the world- not only in your own life, but in the lives of those that you’ll be able to help out of that place of abundance.

If you’ve felt the strain of financial stress, then you know how much negativity it can produce. So whether you want to attract wealth for yourself or as a way to help other people, a money board can help. Hopefully, you’ll want to do both because if there is anything I can share, it’s a key I learned very early on…seek first the kingdom of God.

You need to shake any negative thoughts that you have when it comes to money. Look at money as a sense of freedom and generosity rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what kind of debt you’ve accumulated.

When you’re ready to start gathering images, look for ones that represent what money means to you. For some people, this will be something as simple as a way to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.

For others, money represents a better lifestyle than the one they currently have. The images you cut out or print can be ones that reflect how many can enrich your life emotionally as well as physically.

You can include images with words like joy and satisfaction or other phrases that represent a positive feeling about money. You can use quotes about money and some people take a picture of themselves holding money or something of value and put it in the center of their vision money board.

Spirituality & Vision Boarding

This can also be seen as a center of peace board. It’s used to attract serenity and a deep sense that all is well between your mind, body and soul. Images of candles, aromatherapy or even the sun can be used to represent illumination and as a symbol of guiding your way through life.

Some people use images of practices that help them connect spiritually such as yoga poses or pictures of people in meditation. Others use images of monks or photos or images of people known for bringing spirituality and peace to the world.

If your spirituality is based in religion, such as Christianity, then you can include passages from the Bible that speak to you, or images of Christ or the Bible to help guide you.

Updating Your Vision Board Over Time

As time goes on, your vision board won’t stay the same because you will have attracted what you want from certain areas of the board.  You need to remove images and sayings for goals that you’ve met or for those things that have been attracted to your life.

Sometimes, what you wanted to attract to your life will have changed and you’ve discovered that you don’t actually want that any longer. So those items should also be removed.

You might find that one area of your life has taken on a great significance than another so you want to make that one a priority. A vision board can help you to become the best version of you that you were meant to be.

It can also help you to have the life that you desire. As your desires change, you need to make sure that you’re attracting the new desires and not wasting energy on what’s already been accomplished or what you no longer want.

As you update and evolve your vision board, make sure you position it where you can see it each and every day. You don’t want to stick it in a closet because out of sight means out of mind.

You might make a set time such as the first Saturday of every month – to revisit your vision board and see what changes need to be made. Or, get involved in it daily and look for continual changes you can make.

Each time you run across something that would fit well on your vision board, add to it. Or create a separate file to rotate items in and out of your board if you feel like yours is to cluttered and you want to keep things neat and straight.

As we approach another new year, now is a time to get clarity on new goals. We can start them anytime of the year, but for tradition purposes, we’ll aim to get started now. Join me in my Destined To Reign -Get Clear On Your True Desires In Life & Business course.

What I share in this 6-part audio + modules, is what I received from a divine download one day. In other words, it’s not simply another vision board or dream journal.

This is taking it a step further.

I share 6 keys to manifesting abundance in specific areas of your life. I’ve watched one by one, each of those keys crystallize in my own life.

You can read my full story here: Valarie’s Transformation Story

Plus, should you decide to take action, 10% of your investment goes to a building project for victims of human sex trafficking or otherwise sexually exploited.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Love & Abundance,

Valarie xo

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