Hello! I’m Valarie, TV Host, Bioenergetics Practitioner, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner on the TV show, “Valarie.” We’ve no doubt humanity is shifting consciousness on an unprecedented level we’ve never seen before as we move into a five dimensional reality. We are leaving behind old paradigms, dismantling programs, conditioning and limitations of the three dimensional consciousness.

The old programs of the 3D are full of illusions expressed in the form of fear, anger, depression, anxiety, separation, war, victimization and disempowerment. The upgraded 5D version of reality runs on unity consciousness, expansiveness, abundance, higher perspective, knowing, awareness grace and love. Simply put, a state of such grace, rest and bliss, you manifest your deepest desires from that place without striving. YOU ARE REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE at your core as a divine light being and learning how to live from this new place of higher consciousness.

So how do you make the shift from 3D to 5D? The answer is transmuting….from one form or state to another.

Spiritual alchemy is a process by which you begin to dis-engage from the old limiting programs by first becoming aware of them in your every day thoughts, and then systematically changing your thought patterns and beliefs. You clear traumas and distortions from your emotional and mental energy bodies, and allow your light body to be activated so you become aware of a new level of consciousness.

Let’s schedule you a complimentary call to uncover and identify where the energetic patterns are in your timelines that are keeping stuck and perhaps contributing to feelings of an overall lackluster life. If you feel called to work with me during the call, we will follow up with a remote energy healing session to clear the imprints so you can start living with fulfillment and passion again in the following areas :  

Personal Transformation

Clear and eradicate blockages, patterns and beliefs in the sub-conscious and unconscious preventing you from evolving and expanding into your true identity in order to live an awakened and fulfilled life. 

Marital Issues

Emotional energy balancing for cultivating a sacred romance that brings fulfillment and joy back into your marriage, causing you to fall in love all over again with your spouse. 

Family Dynamics

Emotional energy balancing for bringing healing and restoration that promotes unity rather than division and strong families rather than dysfunctional families. 

Business & Success

Intellectual balancing for mental clarity and creativity in order to tap into your truth, power and potential with success. 

Life Purpose

Connect your why with your life path and create something much bigger than yourself. 

Money Blocks

Clear and eradicate blockages, patterns and beliefs in the sub-conscious and unconscious about money that could be preventing you from creating wealth and abundance in your life.


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Accolades of Valarie’s Spiritual Guidance & Healing Work

Angela Benson-Williams

Life Coach & Author

Valarie Hurst has a wealth of knowledge and business savvy acumen to share with her clientele. I am fortunate to be on the receiving end of such great leadership. As a leader leading leaders, I understand the importance of self-actualization and self-worth generating self-propulsion. But, no one, absolutely no one can sustain a thriving life or business with this expression in mind. Valarie has been my champion. My ace, confidant and motivator. In the places I fall lack, she provides insight and clarity.

Angela Aja

Life Coach & Author

As a fellow coach and friend, I’ve been able to observe the journey of Valarie Hurst as she has impacted the lives of women in our community and abroad. Valarie is a woman of influence, vision and resilience. Her passion to highlight the journeys of other women encouraging them to tell their story is always a guiding factor in all she does. Valarie does all of this with an unprecedented flare and elegance. Impactful. Uplifting. Supportive. Valarie Hurst

Lenora Je-nene


I’ve had the honor of connecting with Valarie countless times over the past years. Valarie is one of the most honest, humble and caring individuals I have ever connected with. She has a heart for women and to see them successful in life. I am always in awe of her ability to lift others up to help them shine. I look forward to working with her on future projects. I am confident that my projects (dreams) are in safe hands

Melissa Weinberg

CEO & Luxury Spray Tan Expert

I had a 1 hour consultation with Valarie to get some insight on a business program I was rolling out. I was very confused on how to tie up some loose ends and what to charge my clients. Speaking with her truly helped eliminate my second guessing and she gave me some great tips. She also helped me realize some of my business goals and the direction that I wanted to go in. Highly recommend her services!

Nora Coulter

Stylist & Boutique Owner

Valarie’s gentle questioning regarding what I wanted my life and career to look like along with her guidance of how to identify and break down the barriers I placed before myself has allowed me to have a clearer vision of not only what I want to achieve but how to achieve it. She has given me the confidence and courage to pursue a project that means so much to me but would have certainly remained a hope and a dream without her encouragement to look deeper and trust myself.

Tiffany Marascio

CEO & Business Owner

Valarie’s exercises were an excellent tool for me in both life and business. As a busy mom of three daughters and a business woman, it forced me to take time for myself and reflect on what success means for me personally. Through her coaching, it caused me to think about what my end game looks like both long-term and short-term. I now have a plan of action of what I want my ideal life to look like and working towards it.