Turn Your Life Around and Take a Journey to Reveal an EMPOWERED You that Can Manifest the Miraculous and Be of Service to The World!

You Have the Power to Create the Life You Desire & Deserve. I’m Going to Show You 6 Keys That Will Unlock Abundance in Every Area of Your Life in a Deep Satisfying Way...And NEVER Lack Fulfillment Again.

Destined To Reign Overview

  • Walking In Authority

  • Cultivating a Sacred Romance

  • Raising a Royal Family

  • Money Mindsets & Wealth

Welcome Beautiful!

I remember standing in the middle of my living room one day in 2006, when I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I was at the end of my rope, in complete despair and miserable.

Your home is suppose to be a soft place” to lay your head, but I felt as though I was a piece of furniture simply existing.

Everything was falling apart around me…my marriage, family, career, finances. All of the dreams I had as a young girl could never seem to fully manifest in my adult years.

My husband and I were both so unhappy in our marriage that you could almost cut the tension with a knife at times....everything was waaayyy too serious between us.

We were robbing Peter to pay Paul and I somehow lost my identity in everything that was happening.

Relationships in my family were broken and I felt as though I’ve never found my life purpose. I would always hit roadblocks and often wondered if there was an underlying cause preventing me from moving forward.

Life was presenting the question, "Who Am I?" 

Most of my adult life I kept going around the same mountain year after year, yielding the same fruitless results. I recall feeling so empty at one point and often wondered why I’m here.

I was looking to external sources to fill the void I was feeling. I looked to my husband to make me happy and feel loved, material things to satisfy my ache for the “good life,” overextending myself as a wife, mother, friend and daughter just so I could feel like I was accomplishing something.

I was tired of being on the treadmill of life and getting nowhere….just plodding and trotting along.

I realized all of these unhealthy patterns in my life needed to come to an end, or I was going to continue down a path that felt void, lifeless and unfulfilling.

I knew I couldn’t trudge forward any longer and needed to make some serious changes.

I felt a nudge to sit down one day and begin to dream again with pen and paper in hand. As I opened myself to all of the possibilities of what life could offer me, suddenly a download from heaven flowed through my inmost being.

While I’m sitting at my kitchen table being divinely inspired to pen six critical parts of my life….one by one the details became clear of each category (personal life, marriage, family, wealth (business), philanthropy and finances).

I began to feel hope rising from within. Purpose was now taking form and passion was ignited in me.

Life suddenly had meaning again.

One by one I have watched each of those areas of my life transform in ways I never thought possible!

My marriage has healed and we are living the best days of our life than ever before. We have so much fun together now and laugh at the silliest things. We both can fully be ourselves around one another now without reservation….that’s just how much we have healed.

I have literally watched like a ripple effect, those broken relationships in my family heal as well. It’s so heartwarming because as a woman, there is nothing more meaningful than family. Plus, I now have my family all in one place after years of being torn apart due to my parents divorcing when I was a little girl. It is literally an answer to prayer!

Now, I get to work from wherever doing what I’ve always enjoyed…coaching women entrepreneurs. (I had been coaching all along, I just didn’t realize it until later.)

We are also on our way to building our DREAM home in a beautiful gated, acreage community. (The purchase of the land alone is a miracle in itself-I’ll share that with you in the audio teachings)

I get to home school my youngest son and he loves it and so do I. (He was begging me to home school him before I was even ready!) Plus, he gets to go with me to business meetings and learn all about business. He’s already working on starting his first business.

My family and I are thriving in every area of our lives now, all because I listened to that prompting to sit down and write my desires for business and life (after all, God placed those desires there). I could have very easily ignored that nudge. I sometimes wonder where I would be if I didn’t.

Maybe you feel there is more to life and you’re tired of going around that same mountain too.

I want to show you HOW I did it, so you can yield powerful results as well.

I invite you to read the details below. Let’s get you dreaming again and manifesting abundance in every area of YOUR life!

The Details...

Audio 1

  • Day 1: Walking In Divine Authority

  • No More Sabotaging Yourself From Getting the Life and Business of Your Dreams.
  • Let's Really do This and Be Honest About the Life You Want.
  • What Really Makes You "YOU" and Excited to Be Alive.
  • No More Wondering "Why" You Are Here and Tap Into Something Way Bigger Than Yourself.
  • Let's Finally Get Clear on "Who" You Are and Create a Public Persona that Authentically Represents YOU.

Audio 2

  • Day 2: Cultivating a Sacred Romance

  • Why Simple Shifts In Your Marriage Can Cause You to Fall In Love All Over Again.
  • How Small Request Will Cause Your Husband to Start Enjoying The Same Things In Life With You.
  • Why Expectations Could Be Jeopardizing Your Marriage and What to Do About It.
  • How Your Own Inner Transformation Can Bring Fulfillment to Your Marriage.
  • Why Setting Healthy Boundaries Can Actually Bring Joy Back Into Your Marriage.

Audio 3

  • Day 3: Raising a Royal Family

  • How Restoration in Your Family Must Be Considered Before You Accept the Call.
  • Why It's Important to Never Give Up On Your Prodigal Sons & Daughters.
  • How Healing in Your Family Will Come When You Least Expect It.
  • Why You Should Avoid Division In Your Family and Allow Unity to Be Your Best Friend.
  • Why Setting Healthy Boundaries Can Actually Be the Solution to Bring Healing In Your Family.

Audio 4

  • Day 4: Creating Your Dream Business

  • Why You Could Subconsciously Be Holding Yourself Back From Starting Your Dream Business.
  • How to Create Trust With Potential Clients So They Will Do Business With You.
  • Why Choosing The Best Social Media Platform Is Critical When Launching Your Business.
  • How Outsourcing Is a Must If You Truly Want to Get Your Message Out.
  • Why Creating Your Dream Lifestyle Business Can Create an Ease & Grace to Your Overall Life.

Audio 5

  • Day 5: Philanthropy & Giving Back

  • How to Uncover Your "Why" and Make an Impact In The World Through the Power of Your Own Story.
  • Why Partnering With Other Charities Can Help You Start Your Own Non-Profit.
  • How to Connect Your Why With Your Life Journey and Create Something Much BIGGER Than You Realize.
  • Why This One Key Will Unlock Unmerited Favor and Abundance to Flow In Every Area of Your Life.
  • How to Start Your Own Non-Profit and The Steps You Can Take to Get It Going.

Audio 6

  • Day 6: Money Mindsets & Wealth

  • How Your Beliefs About Money as a Child Are Influencing and Keeping You From Living Your Best Life.
  • Why You Could Be Holding Yourself Back from Reaching Your Financial Goals.
  • How You Can Be Successful And Still Be Uncomfortable With Wealth.
  • Why Certain Money Behaviors Are Being Repeated In Your Life and How to Stop Them.
  • How Applying Simple Exercises Will Help You to Start Thinking More Positive About Money So You Can Open Yourself to Receiving Abundance.

Yes, Valarie....I'm more than ready!

Let's go!

The Agenda...

  • Day 1: Walking In Authority

    Wake up the radiant queen inside you and learn how to tap into your true authentic self.

  • Day 2: Cultivating a Sacred Romance

    Gain a fresh outlook on your marriage and learn to fall in love all over again with the simple power of faith and patience.

  • Day 3: Raising a Royal Family

    Setting goals for your family and actionable steps you can take to plan vacations and other fun activities together.

  • Day 4: Creating Your Dream Business

    What steps you need to take to design your six or seven figure income and design a life you love.

  • Day 5: Philanthropy and Giving Back

    Connect a cause you are passionate about with your brand and learn how it unlocks blessings.

  • Day 6: Money Mindsets & Wealth

    Get free from self sabotaging money mindsets and create a plan to get the life you not only desire, but deserve.

“And then God answered, “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness to what’s coming. It aches for the coming-it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.” 

What You Will Receive in This Course

  • Action templates to help you uncover your deepest desires.
  • Checklist to help you move one step closer to your goals.
  • Goal setting strategies to keep you on target and focused.
  • Worksheets to map out and chart your success.
  • Approximately 5 hours of audio teachings with Valarie
  • Exclusive and private access to Facebook group where you can band together with like-minded women.
  • Goal Setting Workbook companion with over 65 pages allowing you to dream, visualize and explore.

Total Business Investment



You have nothing to lose beautiful!

Let's get you reconnected with your dreams so you can manifest abundance in every area of your life!

Yes! Let's Do This!

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