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About the TV Host,

Valarie Hurst

Experienced TV Personality & Producer

Valarie has served as a “spiritual compass” to many lives over the past four decades. She has helped humanity navigate the terrains of life’s journey with their own personal transformations, love and relationships, family, business and success, served several non-profits and helped women shift their mindsets about money. Her passion to see people thriving in all of these areas that she refers to as the “six pillars,”  has been the catalyst to her show on KVQT 21 Houston and major digital TV platforms.

What others have to say about Valarie

“Valarie Hurst has a wealth of knowledge and business savvy acumen to share with her clientele. I am fortunate to be on the receiving end of such great leadership.”

Angie Benson-Williams

“I’ve been able to observe the journey of Valarie Hurst as she has impacted the lives of women in our community and abroad. Valarie is a woman of influence, vision and resilience. Her passion to highlight the journeys of other women, encouraging them to tell their story is always a guiding factor in all she does. Valarie does all of this with an unprecedented flare and elegance.” 

-Angela Aja