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Let's Bridge the Gap Between SPIRITUALITY & WEALTH So You Can Manifest Your Soul's Purpose Into a Thriving Business and Make an Impact In The World. I'll Show You How.

My experience spans an array of different niches including; human resource development, coaching, business management, project management, healthcare, managed care, worker's compensation, 401(k), pension and cash balance plan management and retail.

My most recent work includes hosting a weekly podcast titled, "Lipstick & Laptops," where I discuss today's topics on spirituality and wealth, giving women entrepreneurs tips and tools to create an abundant life on her own terms.

I've launched my new television talk show, "Valarie Hurst," where women are being empowered to share their stories and impact the lives of others through various media distribution outlets.

Because of my career background and training, I help women:

  • Birth new brands and business ideas
  • Uncover the essence of your soul's high calling
  • Reposition yourself as a leader and expert in your industry
  • Untangle money mindsets and monetize your message.

....so you can create a lifestyle business that allows you to prosper financially while transitioning into your life's legacy.

I am like your personal "midwife" that helps women entrepreneurs birth new businesses and business ideas. I am passionate about empowering women to see their value, merge her higher income with her higher calling and giving back to the world around her.

I was ordained by the late Charles & Frances Hunter in 2007, who were known for their explosive healing ministry throughout the world. I combine my healing work as a Spiritual Life Coach to help women remove blockages that are keeping them from living out their ultimate life purpose and prospering financially.

Let's get to the root of what's keeping you from living the abundant life God has given you.


Manifesting Money Miracles

This is where it all began. I was working at Dillard's in Tampa, Florida in the fragrance department during my early 20's when I effortlessly experienced my first money miracle. I was genuinely being who I was. I loved my customers and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them, while helping pick out a fragrance that spoke personally to her.

I remember looking straight ahead from behind the counter out into the mall when this woman walks up to me asking for help with a fragrance. So, I did what I normally do and asked a few questions to uncover her scent style. After testing a few perfumes and engaging conversation with her, she was compelled to ask for my manager because she couldn't get over how helpful and authentic I was. I was taken back because I didn't think I was doing anything out of the norm.

So, I called my manager from the fragrance counter to come up to the front because I had a customer that wanted to speak with her. She gave my manager a raving compliment and two weeks later I was promoted with a raise! I've also had sales quotas to meet when working in fragrances and cosmetics and consistently met my goals.

I've owned a skincare practice and worked for medical spa's where my business flourished. I witnessed further money miracles repeatedly out of a genuine concern for people.

Wealth in Wisdom & Knowledge

My years working in human resources for a Fortune 500 Company was the foundation that was laid where I inherited much business wisdom and knowledge. I'm grateful to this very day for the opportunity I was given to work for Aon (formerly Hewitt Associates.)

The training I received was impeccable...everything from customer service, time management, workflow, communication skills, health and group benefits, retirement, stock market training, role play, coaching, project management and so much more.

During my time with the company, I again witnessed consistent promotions, pay raises and accolades from clients and managers that warranted the increases.



Compassion Is The Currency That Leads To True Wealth

Although my years in healthcare, managed care and worker's compensation insurance did not directly lend to those financially in need, I believe having compassion and random acts of kindness are just as important. Because I was able to get benefits and compensation approved for clients and patients who were in desperate and catastrophic situations, it made their lives a little easier, and I was relieved I could help in some small way.

My humble beginnings led to job promotions, raises, favor and being entrusted with managing satellite locations and travel.

The last two decades have shown me how far character, integrity, loyalty and a spirit of excellence will take you.

I'm humbled by the years I got to spend learning to care for people and having compassion for those who weren't able to care for themselves due to their health issues. I believe it was necessary to learn these principles early on. It is a law of reciprocity. However, we should never expect something in return or have a string attached when helping others. When you are moved by compassion, it comes naturally.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. ---Dalai Lama

Answering the Call

After feeling divinely guided to leave the beauty industry in 2007, I took a five year sabbatical to focus on my marriage, my family and simply to enjoy life. It was during this time I began to witness so much healing not only in my life, but my marriage as well. I knew if I was going to respond to this call, this sabbatical was necessary. 

I spent time reflecting on what exactly was beckoning me and in 2012, it was clear I was to start a coaching business to women entrepreneurs. The last several years I devoured everything I could learn about online marketing and social media. I had already spent a greater part of my career life coaching others and previously receiving training, that coaching came very natural for me. I invested in business coaches that helped take me to the next level in my business. 

Having an online coaching business has afforded me the luxury to create a business that supports my core values...spirituality, family, love, royalty, character, integrity and a spirit of excellence while empowering women to be all they were divinely created to be.