5 Greatest Benefits Of Humility

Humility is associated with positive character development outcomes in individuals with a key focus on being comfortable with who you are. Being humble can open you up to new ideas and advice. 

What is Humility?

Humility in short, is how one recognizes their accomplishments.  When talking about humility in practice, it references remembering one’s own achievements in relation to others. Not by comparing, but by being aware of what you are saying and why you are saying something. Have a goal to be for the better good of others rather than trying to appear superior.

Humility is a practice that can be used to stay in the moment and to take others as they are in the space they hold—in other words, accepting others to gain inner peace.

Promotes Active Growth

By acknowledging the areas in which one lacks, they can sooner work towards discovering a solution, therefore being more open to their personal growth. Being humble is an active choice, not a “default” setting and being aware of what you are faint to say before you end up saying it, allows you to be more present in your own life.

Improve Self- Acceptance

To be humble, one must accept where they are and the path they are on. By being humble, one isn’t comparing themselves to someone else, and by doing so, they don’t open themselves up to mindlessly compare their self-worth to what they believe the self-worth of others is therefore not opening themselves up to unfavorable comparisons of oneself. 

Emotional Balance

By taking things as they are in the present moment, anxiety will ease because you focus on the outcome rather than the process to get there. By shifting focus, it encourages you not to brag or compare yourself to others but to focus more on uplifting other people and learning more about them. Once you are aware of your sense of self it is about accepting people as they are in the space they are in and working towards uplifting without comparison.

Inner Calm

Humility leads to inner peace. By taking things as they are and accepting yourself along the way, there is no longer an image you are trying to uphold or a society you are trying to impress. 

By being aware of yourself and your abilities but focusing on the outcome of a social problem at hand and the steps it takes to get there, you create something larger than yourself. By creating something larger than you, you give yourself a purpose in life. This eases anxiety, increases your worth, and allows you to stay in the moment. 

Better Relationships

Those who are humble may find that they have better relationships because they accept people as they are in the place of their life without holding any expectations for them. With humility, you are focusing on another person and figuring out what better you can do to achieve a united goal. This helps with relationships because it takes out selfishness, allowing people to feel more understood and heard.

By staying in the moment and becoming more self-aware, you take more of an active position in life and work towards altering this brain “default” of mindlessness. By going even further with that and accepting others for how they are and paying attention to what you say and the context you speak, you can improve your communication with those around you.

We are all in an awakening process and experiencing ascension upgrades right now, so go easy on yourself and embrace the process. We are literally learning how to re-program our minds from decades of lies and programming by the deepstate and the cabal. We are learning how to love again and reconnect with mankind.