Help the World by Helping Yourself

You can help the world by being kind to yourself. Some believe that you must be completely selfless and put other people and things above yourself in order to spend your time in a worthwhile way. But this isn’t always the case.


When you’re kind to yourself, you can actually spread that kindness to others in a real and tangible way that creates a ripple effect.


Work Out Your Own Issues First


If you constantly ignore your own wants and needs, you’ll eventually become stressed out, frustrated and compromising your health. You simply can’t go about life ignoring what you truly want. You can tell yourself that you’re doing it for the good of the world, but in the end you’ll find yourself depleted energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Especially, if you are a sensitive soul. It will be imperative to your health to make sure you are prioritizing yourself.


If you’re stressed out, others will notice, even if you think you’ve bottled it up inside. There are subtle hints that you give away. Your muscles may be tense, or you might even have a nervous tick. You also could be distracted and noticeably distraught during times where you would have normally participated socially.


You may think that it’s no big deal, but it really can be. People can pick up on a negative or nervous energy, and become stressed out themselves if they do not know how to energetically protect themselves and set boundaries!


Have you ever been around someone who’s clearly enjoying life with a big smile and relaxed nature? Their attitude is infectious, isn’t it? You’ll probably end up enjoying your day a whole lot more just because you encountered this person.


Remember that the opposite is also true. If you act negatively, you may end up sending someone home in a bad mood even though you never intended it.


Spreading The Spirit


Once you’ve worked out your personal issues, you can then pass on a positive spirit to the world. You can do this without even trying. Go about your day in a positive light, and you may find that you’re joyous mood spreads to everyone, even the lady at the checkout counter at your local store.


You can also consciously and actively spread around good energy. Pass out sincere compliments to both friends and strangers. Tell your friends and family what they really mean to you. They’ll appreciate hearing it.


You may also find that these actions make you feel good in the process. It’s just another way that a simple gesture can help you to spread joy to the world.


New Ideas


If you’re up to it, you can take everything to yet another level. Brainstorm new ideas and activities that you find personally enjoyable and also help others as well.


With some creative thinking, you’ll probably think of several things that fall within your personal skill set that can benefit the world.


  • For example, if you have a special place in your heart for the elderly, you can volunteer at a local assisted living or senior living facility on the weekends.


  • If you enjoy environmentally friendly activities, engage in them in your free time. You can also spread an awareness of these activities to your friends and colleagues.


Feeling like you’ve made a positive difference can help you feel great about yourself!


Your True Self


Your job is to find your true self. Just that act alone does a lot for helping the world. You can inspire others to find their true selves and the world will be a happier place for all you come into contact with.