My Financial Blessings Are Meant to be Shared With Others.


I approach life with a mentality of teamwork and togetherness. When I have extra, I invite my family to partake in the blessings.

My salary allows me to contribute to humanity, I happily dedicate a portion of it to a humanitarian project. Although it is far from enough to solve the vast challenges in the world, it is still a worthwhile contribution. Concentrating on offering aid to others keeps me in a state of gratitude and humility.

Even when I spend money on myself, I consider buying something nice for my loved ones or a complete stranger. The thought goes a long way in showing them how much they are cared for and loved.

It is important to remind myself of the blessings that are easy to take for granted. When I’m tempted to spend money frivolously, I choose to donate it to a worthy cause instead.

Saving for the future includes thinking of opportunities to make significant societal change. I am as responsible for social well-being as anyone else.

Family time is a chance to make my loved ones smile. It is exciting to dedicate my shopping time to those whom I love. Their positive influence on my life deserves to be acknowledged through reciprocated kindness.

Today, sharing is caring. I welcome each chance I get to give a portion of what I earn to others. It is a joyful time when my contribution leads to a smile on someone else’s face.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I go about choosing a humanitarian project to donate to?
  2. In which situations am I most likely to offer financial assistance to others?
  3. How do I choose between financial gifts and the gift of quality time?