Affirmations & Reflections for a Thriving Business

Affirmations & Reflections for a Thriving Business.

I am pleased with the progress of my business.

Running a business is challenging, but my business consistently beats the odds.

I am happy and excited about the future of my business. I work hard to make it even more successful.

Each month brings more customers than the previous month. I am improving my ability to attract and retain customers.

My customers are happy with my products and services. They recommend my business to their friends.

My income is steadily climbing higher and higher.

I am reaching all of my business goals ahead of schedule. It is exciting to watch my goals come true before my eyes.

I have big plans for the future, too. I can clearly see how to expand my business intelligently. My business is growing beyond my wildest dreams.

My employees outperform my expectations. I am pleased with my employees and they enjoy working for me. I pay and treat them well. I respectfully eliminate any employees that fail to meet my standards.

Though my business occasionally faces challenges, I keep my head high. I have belief in my company, my people, and myself.

Today, I see my business from a new perspective. I look ahead and foresee the challenges that my business is likely to face in the future.

I take the steps necessary to ensure that my business grows and thrives.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the biggest challenge my business is facing?
  2. What can I do to resolve those challenges?
  3. How can I expand my customer base?
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