Wealth Building TV Shows: Now Accepting Submissions for Daytime & Prime Time Television

Sparrow Media, LLC-A Spiritually Conscious Global TV Network is now accepting TV show submissions as it relates to wealth building, money management and savings, money coaching, business investments, financial advising and planning.

Are you a Money Coach, Financial Advisor or Business Investor with an idea to pitch a spiritually conscious TV show on the topic of money? If so, Sparrow Media would love to hear from you!

As our economic system has been going through many changes, our viewers are looking to trusted experts with a proven track record and strong ethics and values to guide them with their financial future.

“Money without an assignment or a “why” for a greater good in the world, is always followed by a crumbling of false illusions we’ve created about its power.”

Valarie Hurst

We are looking for experts who understand how your mindsets and beliefs can be totally unconscious when it comes to money. It’s not always easy to identify them, but that’s what must be done in order to draw them out. For many people, a negative mindset manifests itself as an “inner critic.” This is an inner voice or private conversation that occurs in your mind on continuous repeat mode behind your conscious thoughts.

Your inner critic tells you that you’re wrong, you’re bad at the task at hand, you’re inadequate, or you lack the worth you see in other successful individuals. It acts as a judge, condemning you to failure at every turn.

Some people are aware of this inner critic while others aren’t. Even if you’re aware of this voice, you may be at a loss for how to deal with it. Many people believe that the inner critic is themselves talking. They mistakenly identify with it and this is why it’s so good at sabotaging your life and thwarting your chances for success.

All of us have an inner critic. The first step to cultivating a mindset for success is to become aware of these negative thoughts and the impact they have on you. Once you’ve become aware of this inner voice, you’ve taken the first step toward releasing its grip on you. The wonderful thing about mindset is that it’s malleable. It can be developed or evolved. The negative mindset that’s holding you back was shaped through experiences in the past and learned habits of thinking. Through even the smallest shifts in awareness or thinking habits, you can make profound differences, and eventually take control of your mindset and steer it toward positivity and success.

As a money coach, financial advisor or business investor, we welcome your submission as it relates to manifesting abundance, conscious economics, sacred archetypes, debt and money, limiting beliefs about money, divine compensation, reciprocity, etc.

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