Valarie Opens Up About Being an Empath and How She Is Using Her Gift to Bring Healing to The World Through Television

Growing up and well into my adult years, I was that girl who sat in the back of a classroom or meeting room. You could say I was introverted and very shy. I never liked the spotlight and dreaded being called on or selected to stand in front of a crowd to speak either. It was terrifying. I was told most of my life to “speak up, we can’t hear you.” I was completely content with a very small circle of friends as well during my schools years. To say that I always felt as though I didn’t belong, is an understatement.

A soft spoken young girl from Houston, Texas, I was raised in an era where children are to be seen and not heard, children were expected to be quiet and well-behaved. My mother was a homemaker and always enjoyed dressing me up as a little girl, making sure my hair, clothes and accessories matched and were all in place. My father was a fireman and worked two other jobs to support our family. We were a middle-class family, living the American dream.

I remember as a young girl being intuitively aware of impeding danger for others by foreseeing and sensing events or circumstances about their life. I would also be deeply affected by the emotions of people where I would feel them as my own and it still happens today. I’ve just learned to manage, sort through and distinguish between my own emotions and those of others I’m feeling. Although, when I was younger these type of inner knowings didn’t happen very often, when I got to my young adult years is when I began to notice an increase in sensitivity of other peoples emotions and an inner knowing about their life.

Quite honestly, I didn’t know what to do with all of this. I had nobody to teach or help me understand what I was experiencing and most of my life, I felt like I never fit in anywhere. I didn’t know how to set healthy boundaries and it seemed I attracted toxic people. Large crowds were sensory overload for me, so I avoided these as much as possible. However, it wasn’t until 2006 I experienced a full blown activation of all five of my senses during a spiritual awakening. My senses had become exponentially heightened, my awareness at an all time high and the supernatural realm had opened up to me in unprecedented ways. I was having multiple epiphanies, experiencing the angelic realm, open visions and many other encounters. However, the most profound was the revelation and tangible feeling of love. Love is what transformed me. All of this came at such a pivotal time in my life because I was tapped out, maxed out, running on empty and my life falling apart around me. I had left the corporate world 20 years ago before the birth of my second son and later left the spa industry in 2007 to become a full-time wife and mother.

It was during this spiritual awakening I learned about the many ways in which healing can manifest physically, emotionally and mentally. I began to walk in divine health and never got sick again from any of the common colds, flu and allergies. I was feeling so alive! My energy field was at such a high vibration, that people who came into my field were tangibly experiencing manifestations of peace, love, deep rest, physical and emotional healing. I began to experience supernatural phenomenons that enabled me to see into other realms and receive insight and revelations so I could help others.

In 2010, I experienced another awakening that literally turned my world upside down this time. For the first time, I now understood who I was at my core….my TRUE IDENTITY. Everything I had been taught through religious ideologies, social conditioning, etc. growing up, suddenly was eradicated. The best way I can explain it to this very day is, it felt like an old internal hard drive had been replaced with a completely new one! I also learned during this time that separation with humanity and our Creator was an illusion. WE ARE ONE with our Creator. WE ARE ONE with humanity. I was tapped into the pure bliss of life! This awakening had left me completely undone.

I would also be deeply affected by the emotions of people where I would feel them as my own and it still happens today. I’ve just learned to manage, sort through and distinguish between my own emotions and those of others I’m feeling.

Valarie Hurst

After a year or so of this mystical experience and a paradigm shift in my consciousness, my thought life, mindsets, patterns of behavior and language changed from one of striving to now living from a place of rest and pure bliss. I truly believe the human mind and body can only handle so much at one time when we experience an awakening. If we were to experience all of them at once, there is no way we could humanly handle it. It is like unwrapping a gift at Christmas all over again each time we experience an awakening.

Several years went by and one day in 2017, a director with a local television network reached out to me through LinkedIn and asked if I’d be interested in starting my own TV show. I had previously met with the director a few years prior about other business related topics, but never did I imagine this would be presented to me. They say hindsight is 20/20 and suddenly several dots were beginning to connect that brought me to this very moment. I remembered being very drawn to broadcasting when I was younger, but at the time I couldn’t afford the school. I had also taken an acting class when I was 20 and from my 20’s-30’s, took on modeling jobs here and there. Now, none of this may not constitute for journalism, but for me it was just what I needed to build my confidence and become comfortable in front of the camera.

I worked in partnership with Dynamic Global Media and KVQT 21 Houston under the direction and mentorship of Filming Director Gary Parker, who’s experience in television production spans 40+ years and has worked for networks such as KTRK Channel 13, ABC, NBC, ESPN, HBO, and NASA. In 2018 we launched my show, “The Valarie Hurst Show,” featuring local Houstonians with amazing “phoenix rising” type stories who are authors and radio show host making an impact in their communities.

I also trained in filming, storytelling, journalism, editing and business under the direction and mentorship of Michael Rosenblum who has worked with major television networks such as BBC, CBS, Food Network and several talk shows on major television networks. He even helped the late Anthony Bourdain start his TV show.

In 2019, was yet another awakening and this was unlike anything I had experienced before. I was not prepared at all for what was about to happen. I was experiencing such a rapid acceleration of healing that I didn’t know if I could handle one more day. I’m all about evolving, so I’ve learned to embrace these times in my life when they do come, even when they can be painful. I soon realized I had alot of “stagnant blocked energy” that needed clearing out along with false illusions I had believed about myself.

I was ready to face the illumination that rips open your old ideas, so I could be shown what else was possible. I believe true change is when you are willing to be committed to your healing, dealing with your trauma, working on your mindsets and breaking cycles that causes unhealthy patterns of behavior and keeps you stuck in life. This recent awakening was leading me down a path (that for much of my life), I was taught it was new age. Alot of those ideologies were coming from a place of fear and religious teachings I had previously been under. I was having my own personal revelations along the way as I questioned each new thing I was learning. When my eyes began to see from a new and fresh perspective, I now could see we are all basically trying to say the same things. We just have different languages for it.

I began to learn about the science of energy healing and its affect on the body. I was guided to start learning about different modalities with energy healing because I personally experienced a profound difference in my own life when I was at my lowest point. When you are experiencing depression or anxiety, it’s a good indicator that you have “stuck energy” in your field and I highly recommend getting with an energy practitioner to help clear it out. Energy healing was simply another tool I added to the other healing modalities I’ve learned over the years. I also began to learn about my gift as an Empath. I didn’t have a name for it before and I don’t really care for labels, but to identify with something and to help others understand, sometimes we have to give it a name. I believe we all have innate gifts and we just need to let it unfold and let it mature with time. Don’t rush the process. Learn to enjoy the journey and follow what you are passionate about and hone your gift.

I’ll give you the short version of what an Empath is. An Empath is one who is highly attuned and highly sensitive to other people’s emotions, both negative and positive. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme. They feel the emotions, energies and vibrations of others and were often told “you’re too sensitive and serious” while growing up. Public places and crowds can feel overwhelming. You can sense when someone does not have good intentions, or when someone is lying, no matter how charming or nice they may seem on the surface. You can see through their intentions and able to discern when something is off. Empaths are highly intuitive, need lots of alone time and has a deep desire to connect with nature because it is there we become replenished and recharged. We are very compassionate people, sometimes to a fault.

We are sensitive to sounds, loud noises, pollution, chemicals, additives and/or processed food. Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy is unbearable. Routines, labels, control, rules and authority are like a prison for us. Many people come to you with their problems because we tend to be very good listeners. My husband and I began to see a pattern one day of total strangers walking up to me in public and start telling me their life stories. My brother and I use to laugh about how everyone use to come to us with their problems for many years and we began to realize there was a purpose for why it was happening.

As an Empath myself, I use several strategies to protect my sensitivities such as setting limits and boundaries with draining and toxic people, meditation to calm and center myself, crystals, going out into nature, dead sea salt baths, calming instrumental music, essential oils and other soothing remedies. Being an Empath IS my superpower, but I had to learn major self-love, self-care and firm boundaries for me to be able to live an optimal life.

At this point on my journey, I’m now 50 and knew without a doubt everything I had been learning up to this point was ready to be put on full display for the world. Your gift has a way of steering you in the direction of what you ran from growing up. I share all of this to say, this has been my training ground that no college could ever teach me what I’ve been divinely taught. I’ve worked on my personal growth over the years and invested alot in my education in the area of healing, journalism, media and business whether online or life experiences. It was all to launch a TV show that merged both my empathic gifts and my passion for media and television in an effort to help humanity awaken to their true identity, be a conduit for humanity’s healing so people can live a beautiful and fulfilling life!

When you shine your light into the world, you will attract various people and experiences that match or challenge your commitment to being empowered. Your path becomes illuminated. Your assignment task is to be bold and brave. Don’t shrink back; know this is all part of the process of your evolution that calls forth the beacon of light that you are.

Love & Grace,


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