Marriage TV Shows: Now Accepting Submissions for TV Host

As a relationship practitioner or coach, you know the challenges your clients face every day. Dealing with rejection. Avoiding unhealthy relationships. Conflict resolution. Self-worth. Verbal, emotional and sometimes physical abuse. Loving themselves. Finances. It can be very difficult, especially during a time where illusions are being dismantled as we move towards evolving into this 5th dimension we are ascending to. People are needing guidance, tools and resources now more than ever.

If your mission is to help couples sort through the false illusions, help others make the shift from 3D to 5D and rebuild the marriage unit, submit your online application for review as an intuitive relationship practitioner TV Host on Sparrow Media Global TV Network.

The idea of fairy tale romances has created illusions about love and marriage. It doesn’t prepare  you for real world problems..”

Valarie Hurst